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County considering changes to employment ordinance

Umatilla County Courthouse.
Photo via the Umatilla County website.

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Umatilla County Board of Commissioner is in the process of cleaning up its employment ordinance. The board of commissioners has already held one public hearing and plans for another next week.

Chairman George Murdock says the portion of the ordinance that needs to be updated deals with when the county will run a criminal background check on a prospective employee.

“After we have tendered an offer to an employee but not formally hired them,” Murdock explained on the timing of the check. “Then we can do a criminal check. It’s unclear in our current guidelines which employees were impacted, and which aren’t, so we are modifying that policy.”

As the ordinance is written now, county officials say the ordinance could be construed that criminal background checks are run when people first apply for jobs. The change clarifies that the check comes after an offer of employment has been made.


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