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Eighth Street bridge closes for good next week

Eighth Street Bridge closes permanently next week.

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Eighth Street Bridge is closed to vehicular traffic intermittently beginning at 10 a.m. this morning and is expected to reopen to vehicles at around 5 p.m. City Engineer Tim Simons says motorists should get used to that, because starting next week the bridge will close permanently.

“This month, they’ll start dismantling it,” he said. “They’re going to build a temporary bridge – a work bridge – along next to it so they can get out and do some work along the middle of the river.”

Simons says the city has already done some work that will eventually improve water flows on the North Hill.

“We built a water line to back feed the area in the interim,” he said. “Then, when the new bridge is built, the new water line will get pushed across and tied in, so we’ll have a full-loop system.”

Simons estimates it will be about a year before the new bridge at Southeast Eighth Street is open to traffic.


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