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Domestic violence leads to kidnapping charge

Helmer Zamudio

BOARDMAN, Oregon – Helmer Jimenez Zamudio, 28, is in Umatilla County Jail facing charges that include second-degree kidnapping. He was arrested Sunday when Morrow County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a domestic violence incident.

Morrow County District Attorney Justin Nelson formally charged Zamudio in court yesterday. The charging document states that the defendant was beating the female victim when she fled their home to get help. He then is alleged to have forced the victim back to their home, and Nelson says that is what warrants the kidnapping charge.

Other charges against him include felony fourth-degree assault and felony strangulation. The charges are further enhanced because the victim’s child was present during the incident.

When he was arrested, Zamudio’s bail was set at $285,000. After he was charged, the judge set his bail at $135,000.


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