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Net neutrality kicks in … except for one state

OLYMPIA, Washington — Washington is now the only state in the union that has not repealed net neutrality because of an aggressive bill that was passed by the Legislature in March.

The repeal of federal net neutrality protections took effect today under the guidance of the Federal Communications Commission. However, Washington lawmakers completed a bill that was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee in March that very nearly makes the FCC’s repeal meaningless in the state, according to Vice.

Other states are also following suit in making aggressive state-level laws that block internet service providers (ISP) such as Charter and Comcast from throttling Internet speeds. The Washington law only worked in the event that the FCC repealed net neutrality, which happened today (June 11). The law prohibits ISPs from blocking content or devices, throttling traffic, or participating in paid prioritization.

For example, Charter can’t block you from visiting another competitor’s site, which could theoretically happen with the repeal of net neutrality. While proponents of the repeal say this would likely never happen, the opponents of the repeal are praising Washington lawmakers who decided to go toe-to-toe with the FCC.

There are other states with net neutrality protections, but none are as expansive as Washington’s.


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