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Stolen cars plague police

PENDLETON, Oregon – A rash of car thefts and car prowls are challenging Pendleton police. Chief Stuart Roberts says in just week there have been eight incidents of unauthorized entry into motor vehicles, and six or seven vehicles have been stolen. Citizens can help foil these larcenous plots. Roberts says the keys were inside some of the stolen cars.

“We have people who are victimized, and they are obviously upset by that,” he said. “There’s a certain empathy that goes along with that, but, at the same time, it’s like you need to do your due diligence to protect your interests.”

Roberts says car prowls always pick up when the weather warms, but the number of vehicles that are being stolen is unusually high and of special concern.

“In the last week, our numbers are around six or seven cars that we’ve had stolen throughout the community, most of which have been left unlocked, some of which have had the keys left in them,” he said.

Roberts urges people to pay attention to where they park their vehicles and be sure not to leave their keys or valuables inside. He also asks the public to be alert to unusual noises at night, for example when dogs suddenly begin to bark, and call the authorities if something seems amiss.


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