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Oregon student speaks out on gun violence

Hood River Valley High School.

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia – A student from Hood River Valley High School spoke out at an informal hearing Tuesday. Democrats hosted the hearing to allow students who were not allowed to speak at the official Senate hearing to have their voices heard.

Eva Jones told those who attended that the possibility of a school shooting is something she thinks about frequently.

“Every time I walk into a new classroom, I plan where I would hide in the case of a school shooting,” she said.

Jones added that tighter security is not the solution and is disruptive to learning.

“You are immersed of fear,” she said. “You cannot focus on creative problem solving and growth.”

Jones believes controlling guns will control the violence.

“We need gun legislation to increase background checks, close all loopholes, raise the gun ownership age, and ban all assault weapons,” she said.

Jones says tighter security makes students feel like they are in prison.

A video of her testimony is at


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