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PPD foils school shooting threat

PENDLETON, Oregon – Pendleton police stopped a copy-cat threat this weekend, coming on the heels of the tragic school shooting in Florida. Chief Stuart Roberts, appearing on the KUMA Coffee Hour, says the middle school student who threatened to shoot up his school was taken into custody Sunday.

“The Lifeways crisis worker responded, did the evaluation, and deemed him to be a danger to himself and others, so he was held,” Roberts said.

The plan on Monday was for the student to be transferred to a mental health facility. Roberts says that depends on whether there’s room for him. If there’s a wait, the boy will not be released.

“If for some reason a bed did not become available, he would be transported over to Walla Walla and lodged in the (juvenile) detention facility there until bed availability became an option.”

Roberts said police learned of the boy’s threat by receiving tips from citizens. Similar tips also helped police deal with a less immediate danger last week.

“It was a bullying incident at the bus stop,” he said. “Certain adjustments and precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the kids at the bus stop.”

Roberts praised community members for coming forward.

The chief’s appearance on Coffee Hour is available by podcast at


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