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Trouble could come from police use of social media

HERMISTON, Oregon – Hermiston is one of many police departments across the nation that is upping its profile on social media. Police Chief Jason Edmiston says getting the news out quickly is a good way to keep the public informed and to nip rumors in the bud.

He warns, though, that trouble could come from it. He says if law enforcement isn’t careful about using Facebook and other platforms, they could be playing with fire.

“There is the potential for some agencies where there could be potential ethics violations from misinformation being pushed out,” he said.

Edmiston believes that he will see some agency or officer attempt to use social media to entrap people with false information.

“There could be some decertifications that take place as a result of social media usage from members of the law enforcement community, and rightfully so if that’s the practice they’re engaging in,” he said.

Edmiston predicts that those violations will occur before his policing career has ended.


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