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New cidery to come to Walla Walla

Area of 455 B Street. Via Google Maps.

WALLA WALLA, Washington — The Port of Walla Walla has approved a lease that will bring a new cidery to Walla Walla.

Kent Fitzgerald, with The Prelapsarian Project, LLC., who moved to Walla Walla in July, has had his name on a waitlist since 2016 for a building at the Airport District, with desires to open a cidery. He requested the spot that Stephenson Cellars vacated at 755 B Street, but stated it was not his ‘desired location’. Port of Walla Walla staff reached out to long term tenant Richard McFarland who leases 455 B Street to entertain the option of ‘swapping buildings’. McFarland will move to 755 B Street and Kent Fitzgerald will move into his 455 B Street spot.

Airport Manager Jennifer Skoglund says”He has a fun vision of being open to the public, kind of like a Burwood model.”

The Port says that the building at 455 B Street is ‘rough and needs considerable improvement for any tenant with a retail function’, and that those improvements would have to be completed by Fitzgerald, other than some gravel improvements, which will be paid by the airport.

The lease is for 15 years.



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