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Mail theft a recurring problem in the valley; how to protect yourself

WALLA WALLA, Washington — Mail theft is a recurring problem in the Walla Walla Valley. Walla Walla Prosecuting Attorney Jim Nagle says people need to become more cognizant and vigilant about the issue, especially during this time of year when W-2’s are coming in the mail.

“It comes in spurts,” says  Nagle. Eventually, the perpetrators are caught or they move away, causing an ebb and tide in mail thefts.

Nagle says to avoid putting things of value into your mailboxes, or use locked mailboxes — even if you live out in a more rural area. If you’re getting bills or statements and things of that nature, then mail thieves can use that in order to try and create accounts and things of that nature.

“Look out for others, look out for yourself,” warns Nagle. Any reports of suspicious activity should be reported to local law enforcement.


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