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Dayton senator in strong opposition to carbon tax

Rep. Terry Nealey. (R-Dayton).

OLYMPIA, Washington — More than 200 bills that have survived committee cutoffs could eventually reach the house floor for a full vote.

Nearly the same amount of measures are also being considered in the Senate. With the House of Origin cut-off approaching on February 14th, lawmakers are working long hours to move bills through their respective chambers.

A version of the governor’s carbon tax proposal has passed out of a Senate Committee. House Finance Committee Ranking Representative Terry Nealey (R-Dayton) opposes the bill, saying it would raise utility and gas prices, but won’t reduce carbon.

“When he first came up with this, the idea was to have this money go to education or other things,” says Nealey. “I think that’s a big mistake, because if we’re going to do a carbon tax — it needs to go right back into reducing carbon.”

Nealey says there are better ways to reduce carbon, such as tax incentives for clean electric cars and trucks or perhaps removing carbon producing fuels from forests.


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