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Carbon pollution bill could cause prices of gas, electricity to rise

SALEM, Oregon — The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill to limit carbon pollution to reduce pollution in the state. However, the bill could cause the price of gas and electricity to go up.

The bill would put limits on pollution — and companies that go above the limits would have to pay more. State Senator Alan Olsen says it comes at too high of a price and that it would hurt those who can least afford it.

It would include utilities and fuel distributors. The plan is supported by tribal leaders like Don Sampson, with the Associated Tribes of Northwest Indians, who says most northwest tribes are affected by climate change.

The plan is similar to those in California and Canada. The money raised by the tax would go toward energy efficiency, solar projects, electric vehicles and public transit.

Gov. Kate Brown didn’t mention the bill as one of the priorities in her State of the State address, and some say it’s too be of an issue to pass in a short legislative session.



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