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Brown: Priorities this year are jobs, education

Gov. Kate Brown.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

SALEM, Oregon — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says her priorities this year are jobs and education, announcing a program called Future Ready Oregon during her State of the State address.

During the address to the opening of the Oregon Legislature, Brown said the unemployment rate in the state remains near a record low; however, many of those jobs are low paying. Brown says there are thousands of higher paying jobs, but Oregon’s workforce needs to be better educated.

Brown is proposing programs to train workers and wants programs to help high school students focus on their career path. She says this will increase graduation rates by giving students direction on a career path so that they have a goal after high school — whether that is going to college or learning a trade. She also wants to increase educational opportunities for adults, so they can get better-paying jobs.

Other priorities for the governor include solving the unfunded liability of the public employee retirement system, tackling the opioid crisis and passing legislation to prevent domestic violence.

Republicans criticized the speech because she didn’t address problems in the foster care program and Oregon Health Authority.



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