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Blue for the holidays?

Photo illustration via Wikimedia Commons.
Photo illustration via Wikimedia Commons.

The Lines for Life helpline reminds people that the Christmas holidays aren’t always merry or bright. Holiday depression can come for a variety of reasons – from loneliness to money problems.

The organization is urging people to be alert to their neighbors and notice if their appearance alters, if they are keeping to themselves and if they seem to be troubled Reaching out can help spread your holiday cheer to others. It can also save a life.

If the holidays get you down, there are some steps you can take. urges people not to isolate themselves, to start a new tradition, help others, spend time outdoors and – above all – if you are feeling depressed, seek help.

Area law enforcement officials report that the holidays also bring  a spike in domestic violence cases.

“There’s probably several contributing factors,” Umatilla County Undersheriff Jim Littlefield said. “Cabin fever is one. People indulging in a little bit too much to drink is another. Those things can combine. Tempers get to flaring and then folks get into arguments which sometimes become assaults.”

Littlefield says that other tensions can be trying to make ends meet with the heavier spending expectations of the season.


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