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Downtown is booming

Downtown Pendleton, Oregon.
Downtown Pendleton, Oregon.

PENDLETON, Ore. – There’s good news from Main Street. City Manager Robb Corbett says the annual census shows more businesses than ever before are calling the downtown district home.

“The current occupancy rate on Main Street is over 96 percent,” he said. “When the census started 12 years ago, the occupancy rate at that time was around the mid-60s.”

Corbett says the Pendleton Development Commission continues to work hard to revitalize the downtown area.

“Occupancy on Main Street is a tool that the Pendleton Development Commission uses to measure effectiveness,” he said. “The mission of the commission is to revitalize the downtown core.”

The Pendleton Development Commission is comprised of members of the city council. It is advised by a committee of volunteers and meets prior to the city council meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.


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