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DAs want felony charges for car, bike crash

State of OregonSALEM, Ore. – The Oregon District Attorneys Association wants the state legislature to change the assault charge for the driver of a vehicle that hits a bicyclist from misdemeanor assault to a Class C felony.

“The number of people that we have that are riding bicycles throughout the state now – you’re seeing a lot more people that are on bicycles, so as a result we’re seeing vehicle-on-bicycle crashes,” Umatilla County District Attorney Dan Primus said.”We’re seeing those individuals that have been hurt.”

Primus, who was attending the group’s monthly meeting in Salem, said the district attorneys would like lawmakers to categorize such a crime as third-degree assault.

“Assault 3 is a felony, the most common of which would be a two-on-one sort of scenario, or a multiple-people-versus-a-single-victim, or during a DUII if you injure somebody,” he explained.

The Oregon Legislature will convene for its short session on Feb. 1.


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