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OReGO is going just fine

Clatskanie_OregonSALEM, Ore. – Oregon’s Road User Fee Task Force got an update on how the OReGO program is going Wednesday. Road Usage Charge Program Public Information Officer Michelle Godfrey says the group learned that things are running smoothly since the program to pay the state for mileage instead of gas launched on July 1.

“Everything has been going really swimmingly with the technology and the system and working with the private sector partners who are managing accounts,” she said. “(There have been) very few, if any, system glitches.”

Godfrey says that more than 900 Oregonians are taking part in the program, which is an experiment as the state grapples with low-mileage vehicles paying less in gas taxes, and thus less to keep the roads in good repair.

She says the task force was told that it’s time to move to the next step with OReGO, and transition it from a project phase to an operational phase.


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